Behind the tent

Our Instant Stressed Membrane Tents were inspired by the tents used by the nomadic desert dwellers of North Africa . This versatile product offers many different applications to both the corporate, festival and home entertainer. We have a unique anchoring systems & sub structure which is based on the original Bedouin style rigging and have customized our systems based on international mountaineering techniques used commercially.
Gap Stretch / Bedouin Tents provide a fast versatile, visually striking venue alternative which can be set up just about anywhere. 
GAP's unique ability to offer fully waterproofed and not just water repellent instant stressed membrane tents has put us ahead of all other suppliers. Our membranes have been specially treated and we have the technology that allows us to waterproof the stitching and seams. If it is a GAP watertight membrane it won't leak during wet weather. All of our tents are flame retardant and have passed independent lab burner tests - BS5852.